Editing a post quickly

This is a simple yet very important question. Often, we want to edit a post on a forum. Currently, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post, click on the 3 dots and then click the pencil button to edit. This entire process can be cumbersome for very long posts.

I think that there should be a faster way to edit a post from the top of a post rather than the bottom to avoid scrolling all the way down each time. This pencil icon can be near the top right corner for editing posts quickly or it can be an option that the admin can set from the admin panel to decide if they additionally want to have options in the top of a post. This won’t conflict with the pencil icon that shows what was last edited. That is a orange color. The original pencil icon for editing can remain gray with hover over black.

Correct me if there’s an easier way and I’m just missing it. (I can see even in this post however)

Thank you


I kind of like that idea, but on other hand I dislike when things are here, there and everywhere. But… we have several locations to delete/destroy…

Cog-menu on top right would be suitable location.

So +1 from me and I would use that option too.

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In my opinion the easiest way is fast edit. You can not only edit from the buttom (and top) of the post but also from everywhere. Especially when you want to change a small part of a long post, you don’t have to scroll anywhere. I sometimes even mark just one common word (or even just a letter) and take advantage of the effect that this opens the normal edit, because fast edit cannot tell where that word is. So this is my preferred way to the normal edit:

It works when fixing typos. But editing or adding more than two three words… no.

Sure we can use it… more creative way painting something funny as comma or another special characters, because then will editor open. But if I have to choose between direct link or paste → editing → hoping editor will open I prefer menu every time.

Hmm, it seems this was already discussed here before:

I will say that pressing the ‘j’ key doesn’t really solve it. Lots of users don’t know this shortcut and the point of a user interface is to be able to do things without having to know a keyboard shortcut.

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Closed in favour of Add 'Edit Body' pencil at top of post