Capitalised categories?

I was just wondering, is there any reason as to why categories like Documentation and General are in uppercase, while all other categories are all in lowercase (e.g. support, feature)?


General snuck in as capitalised when it was introduced as a new seeded category. The Documentation ones are deliberate for style :sunglasses: (It makes them look more like headers)

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If this is so (just a suggestion), why isn’t the announcements category uppercase too?

For Documentation, it’s mainly to get this layout:

And to also make it stand out more at the top of this list (default):

documentation sidebar

So I don’t really want to add any others to the mix at this point.


Thanks for the clarification!

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Oh, so Capitalised categories come first in the category ordering, good to know.

:beetle: BTW, there’s a typo in this topic’s title.

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I don’t think they do automatically. I put that one at the top manually. :slight_smile:

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