Capitalization of topic

It seems that a bug in this topic: is not solved (just checked it during cretaing this topic). I’m not sure why it’s closed then.

Not sure what you mean… The Topic Title is capitalized, but the category “bug” is all lowercase, followed by the Site Name (capitalized). Can you be more specific, as it looks like category kept its casing.

Viewing the Source:

<title>Capitalization of topic - bug - Discourse Meta</title>

I mean there is

we’ve been removing the capitalization of topics

written in response, but still topics are capitalized each time.

I don’t mean categories.

Why you inserted this “viewing the source” and block with tag here?

The capitalization of topic titles is behind a Site Setting > title prettify

You can disable that.

The topic you linked to was specifically about capitalizing category names in the Title of the Web Page (hence, View Source, look at title tag)


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