Captive Landing Topic

Hello there!

I’m currently working on a way to get information out to an entire forum full of folks in a way that isn’t obtrusive but anyone can see it.

Originally I was going to look into email, but that gets messy with permissions and things like that.

As an alternative, I’m wondering if there’s a way in Discourse to set up a required “landing thread” so that when people visit the forum, they’re brought automatically to a thread, and then from there, they can get to wherever they want to go throughout the forums.

Thank so much for the help!

These statements conflict.

If you have important information to disseminate have you considered using a banner? Intercepting inbound links, and directing users elsewhere is really bad juju.

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If you have to capture information for new users, use the User Custom Fields, so they appear in the login form.

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Can you just pin a topic?

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Yes, pin a topic as a banner would be my recommendation. That way the content is visible on all pages and must be dismissed with the X at upper right.