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Can anyone create this as a legit plugin? And how much will this cost?

I did this feature exactly as I want it on my forum via JS (doesn’t works on mobile theme yet):
All categories older than 2 month jumps into .archive block after page was loaded. And if someone will reply in category from archive, it will jump back to main section. This achieved by rebuilding page after it’s ready via JS. But I don’t like this aproach at all. It makes page loading stutter and sometimes you can see categories jumping around from main area to archive. I need to change Categories page view legit way.

I think it’s Ember.js job, because you don’t have to add any extra data to the page, only flip it around. Timestamp of last topic is already presents on the page.


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Bump! Can pay 50$ for this. It requires only to change the way /categories page output stuff. Active categories should be placed in first table, and categories older than 2 month - in second table inside of .archive block. I can do all js and css with .archive block myself (collapse-uncollapse), I need only Ember.js part + Ruby to make it a plugin.

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