Categories are repeated and scrunched together on mobile for one (or more?) of my users

A user notified me about this yesterday and I’m at a bit of a loss, trying to see if any of my other users are experiencing it. Basically I have 6 main categories the user has access to, but for some reason they’re squished together and repeated. As you can see in his screenshot the same category appears three times, and the text is running into each other, and another category appears twice.

He has an android, it only happens on mobile and he’s tried both firefox and chrome. He’s using the progressive web app and it started sometime last week. It also affects all the skins he’s tried.

I have multiple Android devices and I can’t replicate it. I have three people with iPhones saying they aren’t getting that either. I’m hoping it’s only him but either way…what?

Does it happen in safe mode?


I didn’t even know about this so either way it’s helpful.

He says it still looks the same

Which safe mode options did he try?

He disabled all three of the options

No one else I’ve asked have this issue so I don’t believe it’s actually with the site itself (although it still could be). I don’t know what could cause it to stick like that even device wise between browsers though

So they were all checked, or unchecked?

Might I ask, which android? Android is a wide range of devices.

All checked

I believe either a NUU B20 or an S20+ (he has both) but I’ll confirm when he’s online

It just started a week ago and he didn’t get a new phone so while it could be the phone itself, it hasn’t always been doing this. I don’t think it would be a weird cache thing because he used two different browsers as well but I don’t know

Edit: It’s an NUU B20. I’ve now had a few other people with Androids saying it’s fine, and more iPhone users, so it does appear to be JUST him…