Problem in mobile when front page is set to show Categories

(Agent God) #1

after the last update I have strange problem in mobile view.
I have two forums and both are set to show the Categories on front page. In desktop it shows correctly but in mobile only the header is there. When I set it to show the latest or new posts it’s ok.


(Stephen) #2

There was an issue with an earlier build which caused this, it might be the same problem?

The solution was to update again.

(Agent God) #3

I think, previously it was OK for me.
At the moment I am with v1.4.0.beta9 +7 and I have that problem.
I have checked on meta and it’s OK.


Hey Agent,

They updated the JS and it fixed the issue for me. Seems that we had the same problem.

My site is running +53.

(Agent God) #5

I have just found another bug.
I can’t save the setting when I remove “flag sockpuppets”

(Régis Hanol) #6

You definitely need to update to the latest version. All these bugs are fixed.

(Jeff Atwood) #7