Categories Customization

Hello, I have 7 Categories at the moment on my Website, and each category having topics relevant to that category, At the moment what i can see there is a button on top “categories” and i have to select that to see all categories, Is there any way to make all categories visible like buttons on top instead of clicking categories and then selecting further?


Hi again Ali !

Do you mean adding category links here?

If so, you can check this component : Custom top navigation links

If not so, sorry I misunderstood


Yes, I want to make my Categories Visible as Seprate Buttons, so don’t need any drop down menues


Ok, the best course of action IMO is to use the theme component and add links to your categories

Then you can hide the dropdown menu using css

.combo-box-header.category-drop-header {
    display: none;

ol.category-breadcrumb {
    margin: 0;

First lines hides the dropdown menu, the rest will realign the top links menu

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