How can I remove categories from top menu

Hi everyone.

I removed with these codes.

.category-breadcrumb>li {
    margin-left: -.25em;

.select-kit.combo-box.category-drop .category-drop-header[data-value=""] {
    display: none;

But I saw a few mistakes.
What should it be like? Or is it available as an option in the settings?


What do you mean by “saw few mistakes”? What is your actual issue?

While there are codes.

While there are no codes.

There are minor image defects. I don’t like it this way.

Sounds like you want the category dropdown in the top menu to be removed cleanly when there’s no category selected without affecting the other dropdowns?

You can try this

ol.category-breadcrumb li:has(details.category-drop [data-value=""]) {
  display: none;

Thank you, these codes work as I want. :pray: