Categories not showing in Category Groups

Hello! First of all, I want to thank you for such a wonderful component of the theme: raised_hands:
As soon as I found out about this component, I immediately uploaded it to my website. I’ve been using this component for over a month now.
Unfortunately, after the latest site updates (before this post, I updated the site again to the latest version), this component is broken and does not show categories. I tried to find the reason myself, disabled all plugins and checked for compatibility with other theme components (disabled each theme component one by one with the Category Groups component enabled), but nothing helped. I’m afraid that the theme component broke after the Discourse update (

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I’ve had the same thing happen, unfortunately. I did the latest Discourse update - I’ve gotten used to updates being very stable as I don’t use any unofficial plugins so I just did the update without testing first. Now the entire Category Listing page is blank, suggesting something significant changed in Discourse Core in Categories which has broken this TC.

There is nothing in the browser console on refresh that would suggest an error - no errors, no warnings related to this TC.

Disabling the Category Groups TC and refreshing the page fixes the problem, but leaves us without our nice grouped categories and the fancy layout.


some recent Discourse changes caused this to regress, I’ve just merged an update that will fix it

Thanks for reporting the issue @Aizada_M & @pacharanero!


Thank you too :raised_hands: I just updated the component and lo and behold it worked :confetti_ball:


Thanks @awesomerobot for the super fast fix! All working now that the TC is updated.

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