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:discourse2: Summary Category Groups allows you to assign categories to groups, which are then used to sort and collapse categories on the categories page.
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:warning: Important things to note:

  • This only works with the site setting desktop category page style set to boxes with subcategories (as it replaces that category page template).

  • The category collapsing works using your browser’s local storage, so the collapsed state will not be remembered between different devices.


Name Description
category groups This is how the groups are configured, the setting is formatted as: Category group name: category-slug, category-slug-2, category-slug-3. The category slug is the name of the category as it’s seen in URLs… usually all lowercase with no spaces.
show on mobile If you want to use the default category page on mobile, disable this
show ungrouped This will show all categories not assigned to a group in an “Other” group. The name of this group is configurable.
fancy styling These are some custom styles I added. They stray from our defaults, so if you’re working on your own theme you may want to disable this.

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I’ve just merged a refactor of this component. Functionality should remain the same overall, with some bug fixes.

Behind the scenes this uses some modernized Ember, and eliminates template overrides, which can be a little fragile as far as Discourse customizations go.

This should be fixed now

This is fixed now, the groups will no longer apply to the subcategory layouts

I’ve updated this, so category logos should be much more normally sized now


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Is it possible to not show subcategories for a particular category? We have a category that’s organized in a particular way with nested subcategories and it’s causing the box to be quite large.


Maybe try the Category Hider in theme-component


Can you tell me if it’s possible to apply the category groupings to the sidebar? If not, I would like to put this in as a feature request. Thanks!

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There is a problem on my website, subcategories hasn’t space between them.


Thanks for reporting it, an update should fix it now (fixed in UX: include gap for subcategories by awesomerobot · Pull Request #19 · discourse/discourse-category-groups-component · GitHub).


It’s not possible, the sidebar would need a bigger change in Discourse to allow for this (request noted!)


Will be awesome if this grouping will be customizable by user, some people in our community wanted that.

Yeah, this needs a plugin, but a good idea I think