Categories with allowed Tag Groups

Here’s a strange scenario.

A category has a defined allowed tag group.
When you create a new topic within this category and create a new tag, this tag is unassigned to any group. This is a contradiction, because an unassigned tag isn’t allowed in our category.
Shouldn’t a new tag be assigned to an allowed group by default?

Sounds like a bit of a catch-22, what do you think @neil?

I didn’t think you could create a new tag in that case. Could be a regression.


if creating a tag were not allowed, how would you add a new tag to a group?
Currently there’s no way to add new tags in the tag manager.

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I fixed the two issues you found. You can create new tags in the tag groups (as shown here) and you can’t create new tags in a category that only allows tags from a group.


thanks @neil, this will be a great help, especially for pre-populating tag groups.
In Beta 5?

Yes it will be in beta5.