Can't create tags in topics of categories that have "Also allow other tags" enabled

I have a category that uses different tag groups and has the option “Also allow other tags” enabled. But when I write a new topic in this category and create a new tag in the editor, the tag seems to be assigned, but is not created in the end.

Hey @Krischan, can you provide more specifics here? Ideally screenshots of the category tag settings, the relevant tag groups (and their settings), and the composer preview before you create the post? That’ll help us test this out.

Hey Joshua, thanks for looking into this!

I have a category with three assigned tag groups:


Two of these can only be used by staff:

One can be used by everyone:


I also have the following setting enabled in the category settings, because there will be new tags created by staff which will later get assigned to one of the groups:


So when I create a new topic in this category (as an admin), I can assign tags from the three groups (eg Blockchain_beyond) and I also can create a new one:


… which gets added correctly:

But when I publish the topic the newly created tag is gone:


Hope, this makes sense!


So sorry for the delay, I forgot to assign this to myself so I lost track of it. I can reproduce this.

Repro Steps:

  1. Create a tag group, add at least 1 tag. Other settings do not appear to matter.
  2. Select a category, add the above tag group to the Restrict these tag groups to this category: category setting.
  3. Also check off Also allow other tags
  4. Create a topic, add tags.
  5. Note that any tags no in the restricted tag groups are allowed by the composer, but silently disappear when the topic is created.

Other notes: unchecking the Also allow other tags works as expected, tags not in the tag groups cannot be added within the composer.


The fix for this has been merged for a while. I just tested it again and works alright. :slight_smile: