Category Boxes within Theme


I know there are themed components that allow us to enable Category Cards/Boxes but I am still a bit dumbfounded on the process. I essentially want to do something similar to Figma or Wyze.

Wyze Category Section

Figma Category Section

I really did not want to create a themed component. I just wanted it to be as part of my current theme. This is where I get confused between themed components, widgets, and plugins.

Thank you in advance!

Those are both custom themes, but if you change the site setting desktop category page style (under admin > settings) to any of the “box” styles it should get you fairly close to the layout:

This is “boxes with subcategories” for example:

@awesomerobot Thank you for the response! That makes sense that those are custom themes. I’m actually trying to develop a custom remote theme as well.

Per your recommendation, I actually have Boxes with Subcategories selected under Admin > Settings. From what I can see though, that just sets up the Category Boxes Handlebar Template for the route /categories.

The issue I’m facing is trying to get what is viewed /categories (the Category Boxes) onto the my Discourse homepage (so /).

@awesomerobot I think I may just be asking the wrong question. I think I may have found what I need to do. What I am really trying to do is display the Categories on the homepage by default. I think the article below may help me.

Thanks for your help!