Custom Category Boxes

:discourse2: Summary Custom Category Boxes will render your categories as boxes with customized backgrounds on your categories page. This component will also render each category page with a category banner if show_banner is selected.
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:exclamation: Please Note: For this component to work… in the settings area desktop category page style needs to be set to either categories with Featured Topics or Boxes with Featured Topics

There are four options to choose from. Default is `halftones`

Halftone Background

Halftone option

Crosshatch Background

Crosshatch option


None option


If you would like to create this effect with some of your own artwork, upload 4 varying .png 's with transparent backgrounds or traditional .jpg 's in the settings page. For each upload, use the naming convention of custom-0 , up to the last as custom-3 . Be sure to select custom as your category background setting.

Custom option


Simple, clean. Nice component. Thanks.


Great plugin! I have been searching for it for a long time, thank you.

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I think it should have auto-resize for picture or limit


thanks for the theme :+1:

may you consider slight changes so that the theme also works for rtl direction without any edits? (as edits go away after updates).

also where can I translate this string: “more topics …”. it was neither in the admin customize section nor in the theme :thinking: .


Glad you enjoy the component. I have added translation for more topics.... As for the rtl direction it is something I will look into.

Until then, make sure you copy your customization and add it back after updating the component. :smile:


thanks :blush:

for this, there’s only one line which needed to be commented:

a #custom-category-title{ text-align: left;}

btw, I noticed that these category boxes won’t apply for subcategories. is it possible that the same rules also applies to subcategory boxes?


I believe you might be able to create your changes as a seperate theme component with Overides in your component plugin.

you are right, and I’ll do that for this case.

but I believe that when the whole discourse application is compatible with both rtl and ltr directions, it means that “details matter for the creators” and “they want to build the best service, not just a service”. well, this can happen for its great themes as well.


I want this theme too but I’m straggling to add it.