Category Description Bug when Editing

This bug causes it to display an error but it actually ends up editing it. It then tells me about edit conflict. It can get annoying when editing the description of categories.


  1. Edit the category description. Make it a header, using #.
  2. Click on “Save Edit” and the following error occurs:

Despite the error, the edits save.
3. Try to edit it again. In the corner, it tells you about edit conflict.
4. This would result in this error:
It also saves that edit as well.


Just discard the draft. Also, I tested this (since we’re on the same forum, go check for those ellipses that wasn’t there before).

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I can repro this on 3.3.0.beta1-dev (5935148bd8)

Taking the # away allows it to save the edits just fine, putting the # back in again throws the error.

Nothing is captured in my /logs.

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