When editing a category, clicking "edit description" redirects without saving

I was editing a category and changed the name / slug. Then clicked the “Edit Description” button.

It wasn’t clear to me that this would redirect to a different page (the description topic); makes sense though I thought perhaps it would have some clever way of embedding an edit form just for that post.

That’s all fine except it seems that category edits made before clicking that button (e.g. to the name / slug) are not saved. Might make sense to have some kind of confirmation modal to prompt saving any edits, before redirecting to the “edit description” topic.

(In my case, no biggie, takes two seconds to re-edit those things…but I can imagine being much more annoying if someone e.g. typed up a whole topic template, then clicked “edit description” before hitting save, and that got wiped out.)


The easiest solution might be to open the topic in a new tab.


Good call that definitely seems simplest and would totally fix any issue here!

Could it open the post using the popover edit box at the bottom without redirecting the page?

Opened a PR :slight_smile: