Category description problem

Hi guys, I have a problem with Category Discription.

I have tryed to add a discription for ths category, but, the div recive this offset position. (like image).

I dont know how fix, and i cannot disable the the discription…
Where may I found the solution?

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It looks like it could be the category image that’s pushing the description to the side. Does removing that help?

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I think so yes, but how may I remove the category discription? I´v try to delet the post bt theres no option to remove this…

You can edit the category by using the admin wrench on its category page. The description can be changed from the General tab, and the images from the Images tab. :+1: (and don’t forget to ‘save changes’)

It’s not possible to delete the About This Category topics as they’re tied to the category. If editing isn’t enough, the only way to remove it through the UI is to delete the category and start over.