Can't remove single "About the __ category description"

As most know, when we create a category/sub-category, a special topic is created, “About the __ category”. I want to remove this description for some categories, not all. I know we can remove from all categories with a CSS tweak - that affects all pages.

We cannot Delete these special topics. We can Close them, and we can Unlist them - but even though they do not appear as topics, their content still shows as the category description. I think that’s an undestandable bug. IMO, a closed record should not be used for public content.

To get around this temporarily, I tried to delete the message content, but get an understandable error : “Post can’t be empty”. Empty whitespace (spacebar, newline, etc) is still considered “empty” - and I won’t try to get around that because this attempt at a solution is inelegant.

I tried using the admin area and Enter Description, hoping it would provide an option to remove the existing topic record, but no joy. Simply removing it is also inelegant - we lose the audit trail. I think Close and/or Unlist should be adequate - perhaps Archive as a more permanent (quoting thread here) “one foot in the grave”.

Some people might ask “Why would you want to do this?” I have topic/descriptions for many categories and sub-categories. One of our categories has a Lot of sub-categories. I created a few and then gave up the time consuming effort of entering a unique description for all. I don’t want to have to manually support topics on all of them. I wanted to remove the few About topics that I created under this category but I found that the topics and their descriptions will not go away.
I have not enabled the Permanent Delete option but if that’s the answer for this rare operation, I’ll do it.


Perhaps an option is, if you don’t want to have to write descriptions for all these sub-categories, would tags suit your needs better for this rather than subcategories? You don’t have to write descriptions for tags and manage any “About” topic for tags.

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You can keep the default text; it doesn’t appear as a category description on my site.
So when the about topic wasn’t changed

The description does not appear as a category description.

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That wouldn’t have an effect, since you can’t normal delete the topics either.

I believe Zero Width Spaces are technically not considered whitespace, so that might work as a workaround.