Category descriptions not showing up on mobile

The short blurb under each category on the homepage shows up just fine on desktop, but not so much on mobile. I’ve even pinned each “about this category” topic with no success. However, the default one for the uncategorized category does show up. I’m not sure what’s going on or how to fix it? I’ve tried going through the settings without much luck.


As a side issue, I’ve been trying to get both the categories and the latest topics to display on the home page on mobile? So that maybe the 5 top or latest topics show up first and then you scroll down for the categories?

Thank you!

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The descriptions of pinned topics (and the category descriptions) aren’t shown on the mobile category page because there’s a limited amount of space and we’ve prioritized topic titles instead.

By default we only have one mobile category page style, which only shows categories and the 3 latest topics under each:

It’s possible to choose a page other than categories (like /latest or /top) for the mobile homepage using: Force Mobile Homepage

You could also create a custom category page for mobile by overriding the mobile category page template in a theme. Some theme-related guides:

Beginner's guide to using Discourse Themes
Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes


I gotcha. Is there a way to change the category page style so that the short description also shows up?

Thank you!

I just want to bump this — I would like the option to enable category descriptions on mobile as well. Everything stacks anyways and vertical space is unlimited…

Agree, it would be a helpful option to have: some forums have only a few categories that are really helped by descriptions… there is a CSS fix here tho.