Category edit modal needs some UX love

Our category edit modal needs a bit of help. There’s no spacing between labels and input fields, label vertical alignment is off, icons have no spacing around them, etc.

While we’re looking at this, we may want to add some headings, or perhaps subtabs to the Settings tab. The number of options there has grown quite a bit.

cc @awesomerobot @Johani


Hi @jomaxro!
Can I take a stab at this with a PR? :grinning:
I’d like to start with fixing the alignment/spacing issues and then we could explore if headings/subtabs can help.


Sure, go for it, I would recommend first starting with the simplest non controversial change of aligning stuff.

Moving stuff around and adding headings should be a follow up PR


This is now done via:

I also noticed that the Delete Category button does something weird when you try to delete a category that hasn’t been created yet:

We can fix this by hiding the Delete Category button when a new category is being created, I’ve raised a PR for it here: