Category Group Review/Moderation

I think this is another feature which needs to be added, like those asked for above.

For the time being you can work around it (as with most moderation powers, like edit, pin, close, split, etc.) by bumping up your category-specific moderators to TL4. If you don’t want to make them all TL4 because of the other powers they get (across the entire forum), you can lower the trust level required to mark a topic solved with the accept all solutions trust level setting.


Catching up with this awesome feature…

One thing I miss from @angus’ now abandoned Moderator Extension is the option to mention who is a moderator. In one instance I replaced “Moderators: foo, bar, baz” with: “Your hosts: foo, bar, baz”, which I find more inviting.

When you understand “moderation” as “being a host”, it makes sense.


Is there no translation to change this?

This feature is a Godsend!


It’s a good feature to show the moderators of specific categories!
Also they should be showed in the ABOUT page I think.


Maybe that page may show all of them like this:

X moderator - Full moderator
Y moderator - Moderator of #support


This would be ideal for my instance’s purposes as well.


@Osama I think this would be a great addition to this feature.

On the about page under moderators, please list the categories they are moderators of. You will have to join via their group -> category group.


@eviltrout pls mark me down as a +1 for desiring this expanded ability. I could really put this to work… thank you


I definitely need this to have more ability. Reviewing flags is pretty much the least heavy-lifting thing available. At the very least, I’m in need of editing powers in that forum.

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it seems that automatic groups (trust levels) can’t be added as the extra moderators; while in a community, tl3 or tl4 may be the best members to review posts and flags.

would this be added to this feature?

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Hi there awesome feature,

any timeline about supporting other moderator features limited to a category.
our users would like to be able to edit posts mark them as solved without having to be TL4 over the complete instance.
Would it be possible to elevated the TL4 to all group members for a specific category?

+++, also “Add Staff Color” and other things that I suppose not available for tl4.

My moderators hate me since we replaced Moderator Extension with build-in category moderators :sob: