Ability to set more than one group category moderator

As of right now, you can only assign one group category moderator per category.


I would like the ability to set more than one category moderator for a category.


I think this is for performance reasons:

Could you create a specific group for your category moderators?


I could create a group that is the combined membership of the two that is needed to moderate that one category and add that as category mod, however, if someone decides to quit from one of the groups. Then I need to remove them from that group and from that combined membership group.

In other words, it’s not as efficient and as streamlined as having two (or more) groups moderate one category.


Use Case

TL;DR we would like to allow multiple user groups to moderate a category.

We have many categories that we would like to extend moderation of to multiple groups of users. We essentially are adhering to Conway’s Law in how we create our user groups for our internal users—it’s pragmatic and so far has proved to work very well for us, preliminarily anyways. For example, we would like to allow both Customer Success and Support to moderate the Platform Updates category in addition to our team. With today’s implementation, the category moderation option only allows one or the other.


I could finagle this by creating a third category that contains both sets of users, but this is just one category where we want to pair different user groups. It wouldn’t be realistic to attempt to manage all of these combinations of user groups.


Many of our site settings now accept multiple groups, so I think your suggestion to accept mulitple group names here fits well with that pattern.

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@mcwumbly any chance this would get implemented anytime, say…in Q3?


We haven’t really been able to assess where this might fit in yet. I’m setting myself a bookmark to circle back to this in about a month to see where it does or doesn’t fit among other priorities at that time.


@mcwumbly We have same requirement from couple of our customers. when is this feature planned to release?


It’s on our radar now, but not yet planned to be worked on. Can you share a bit more about your use case and why you need this feature?

Stories like that are always helpful context for us to have when considering where things like this might fit in.