Category Icon Image Issue

I have been trying to upload images for categories on my forum. I have tried uploading many different types of images but there is this one error every time. Can someone help me with this?

The image is not corrupted and works fine at other places.

So far I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. What version of Discourse is your site on? Do you know if the error only happens with one category on your site, or do you get an error when you attempt to upload a logo image to any categories on your site?

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The site is on version 2.7.0 . This error occurs for all categories(even the default ones) when I try to upload any image as an icon.

How did you install Discourse? Was it a Discourse official Standard Installation?

Yes, I have installed it following the installation guide.

@simon An update to the issue description, it occurs on all uploads except SVGs. The uploads where SVGs are supported too, works fine for SVGs(not for other formats).

Are the file types that it is failing for listed in either your authorized extensions or authorized extensions for staff site settings? You can find both of those settings by entering authorized extensions into your site settings search box.

Thank you for the solution. This enables me to add SVGs and I can deal with only SVGs for my site. The error with PNG remains the same.