Category Icons

Hi! Is there any update news? It’s very interesting what happened


What is the state of this? I’d love to move beyond fontawesome.


It hasn’t been merged, but you’re free to install the repository and use my branch in the meanwhile. :no_mouth:


Thanks! I’ll wait until the new menu work for our site is done, and then try it in staging. :slight_smile:


Does anyone know when this will happen so as not to use this component in a new project?

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I would just use the component. In Moving to a Single Category Style Site Setting there were questions about category icons and this does not sound like they will become part of core untill the release of Discourse 3.2.


Yes, to confirm I’ve just merged an update to this component to make it compatible with Moving to a Single Category Style Site Setting

The update will be available for sites on version Discourse 3.2.0.beta4-dev or later, thanks to Pinning plugin and theme versions for older Discourse installs (.discourse-compatibility)

Since this is pinned to a version rather than a specific commit… if you’re already on Discourse 3.2.0.beta4-dev and are experiencing issues with this component, you may need to update Discourse again today.


I never did get a chance to try your branch, but hope to come back to this. Any more news on whether this will become official?

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@carson Got a chance to play with this a bit. Looks basically good, except:

  1. Icons in category-select drop-down are not in color
  2. Doesn’t work in the new menu
  3. If you enable “Use the category’s uploaded logo as its icon”:
    a. it only affects the category-select drop-down
    b. not shown next to the category in any other places
    c. and also if this is on, the category-select drop-drop down only shows these icons (even if other categories have different icons configured).
  4. Icons seem larger than they were in the previous theme. Making them the same size would be least disruptive — but maybe it would be nice to have a setting for the size?

Also, some nice-to-haves:

  • An option to hide the category lock icon, not just set it to some other thing[1]
  • If category logo is used, give an option to hide the big category logo on the categories page. They’re redundant.
  • Move emoji and fontawesome config to the category page, next to the category logo configuration

  1. I find it adds a lot of visual noise and not a lot of value because it doesn’t tell you how the category is restricted! ↩︎


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