Category Image Logo and Background Specifications

Hey Guys.

So I wasn’t sure what the image logo and background specifications were, but did a check on the element width and figured it’d be best to add an image 831 x 150 for logo.

My assumption is that logo was meant to be smaller but looking at the uploader, there was enough room so tried it out anyways. And they look great on desktop & mobile.

But as I add topics under categories, they seem to be stretched to far right and that’s ok too as long as the post count is 4-5. Beyond that I think it falls apart as each category has different number of topics and they’re all of different title length.

You can see it here -

My question is, are there any standard image dimensions you recommend for category backgrounds and logos, that will not break the UI?



I don’t think we’ve established the “safest possible values” yet, no. We should come up with proper standards for this eventually, but for now your best bet is to test with screen emulators and make sure your images look OK on all screen sizes.


Got it. For those who might run into this problem, I’ve figured that something within 580px width and 350px height is good on all platforms. Anything beyond those specs “breaks” the design.


Thanks I have found 550px x 350px to work perfectly for me.


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