Category link insertion tool

While writing a post, I’d like a button on the toolbar that would allow me to quickly insert a link to a particular category, e.g.:

[auto-inserted category name][1].


Does anyone find it could be practical?
Is it more about plugin functionality or core one?

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Why? It is hard to say whether it is something worth having without knowing why it is needed.

For example I personally put a category link in my posts, in private messages (because I’m the moderator) and in the forum tutorials, and while creating inter-links. Every time I do this, I have to:

  1. Open 2nd tab with my forum
  2. Close the editor that pops out automatically (since I’m editing in the other tab)
  3. Open categories page
  4. Open the category that I need
  5. Copy the link
  6. Go back to the Editor
  7. Type category name
  8. Click “link” button
  9. Insert the copied URL


Actually, the same would work good for inserting links to topics.
The functionality could be joined in one dialog box:

  1. Click the button on the toolbar
  2. Start typing the title of the topic or category.
  3. Click on one of the results
  4. The link gets inserted into the text
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You could try using the Clippings addon (or similar) eg. I have


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  1. Click menu icon
  2. Right click on desired category
  3. Select Copy Link Address
  4. Type [category name](
  5. Paste link copied in 3
  6. Type )

There you go, you have a link to a category without opening any tabs.

Good, for now will have to use that dropdown menu.
Yes it’s still 6 actions to do - could be much easier with the toolbar button and auto-link insertion.

If you know JS you could create your own button with custom logic. Wouldn’t be too difficult.