Proposal: Suggest category pages in 'add link' modal window

In the link modal window, when typing thread (topic) titles, they are suggested and can be added as a link with two simple taps on enter. It would be nice if it were possible to quickly add links to categories in the same fashion. This would be useful e.g. in meta discussions, and could also be used for example when drafting the description of category A in which you want to highlight category B because it has a slightly different but related focus.

Actually, it seems hashtags can be used to refer to categories. e.g. #community . Categories show up in the suggestion list when starting to type something after a hashtag.

However, when added, the (automatic) link refers to a tag page rather than the category page. Should this topic be moved to the #bug category instead?
EDIT: Ok, it didn’t work on another instance, but I think something else is going on there. I noticed that the link in the preview sometimes refers to a tag page, but then in the actual post (as happened with this edited post) the link is correct & refers to the actual category page.

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