Category missing on Suggested Topics

This doesn’t seem to be an issue that has been previously reported, so it must be limited to the plugins/theme/settings on the install, but the category is missing on the “Suggested Topics” at the bottom of any posts, and as a result, the data for the Replies/Views/Activity is displaced.

The install is up to date, and the issue is also present in the /latest and /top views.

This has been present for the last two updates. If anyone could offer any advice, it would be appreciated, thanks a lot.

This is a compatibility problem with a custom plugin. Please remove all non official plugins and see if it persists.


Thank you! I visited /safe-mode without non-official plugins, and it displays perfectly. So it must be one of those non official plugins.

When I browse in /safe-mode and disable unofficial plugins, the issue goes away.

So I edited the app.ymk file to disable any unoffical plugins, but after saving the file and ./launcher rebuild app, the issue still persists.

Does this indicate that I need to completely remove the unofficial plugins rather than just disable them via the app.ymk file?

Topic list previews isn’t an official plugin.


Thank you for your help and patience, I assumed that as it was Enabled? “N” that it wouldn’t interfere, but even though it was turned off, it was interfering.

After I removed it from the app.ymk file, it has solved the issue.
Thanks again!


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