Suggested Topics not working for my community

Hi All,

I have enabled the ‘suggested topics’ option in the settings as admin but it doesn’t work. PFa the screenshots for reference. Let me know how to fix this?

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Try unchecking the Only show topics from the current category in suggested topics.

When this box is checked and you are in a category, topics from other categories will not be shown. If you’ve read all the topics in a category (and the above box is checked), then there are no other topics to suggest as you’ve read them all.


@JimPas Just tried. Still doesn’t work.

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Since I don’t know how long you’ve been set up, may I ask how many topics you have?
Can you set the suggested topics unread max days old to 60 and see if that makes any difference?

Also refresh your browser - especially if using Chrome. It has a habit of caching. Another tip is to open this in a new tab and close the old one. That often works when a simple page refresh doesn’t (in Chrome).

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