Category moderation and trust levels

If I require moderator approval for a specific category, all posts from all trust levels will get moderated.

It would be helpful if you could set which trust levels can skip this approval process to reduce the work for moderators. For example: you could define a group name that do not require approval inside the category settings.

Our specific real-life use case is a busy category that contain highly sensitive conversations. We trust some of our users to post to the category directly but not enough to give them the moderation privileges.

What do you think?


If I understand correctly, think i’m searching something similar thing to do in discourse settings. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re developing a new version of our platform, where ngo’s can create online services to their focus groups. These services can include different features, like private or group chats, forum etc. Discourse seem to be a great feature option for forum type of discussion with its configurable features and easy integration into our main site and its logins with basic user rights etc.

While the overall trust level system sets good base for general discussion, we are also after 2 separate options for category moderation setting to override the base system in our certain private categories: moderate every message posted into certain category despite the users general trust level or moderate no messages posted into certain category despite the users general trust level. The “moderate everything” option is there to set for category i thinnk but no option to set “moderate none”. Could this latter one be achieved somehow? :thinking: