Category names overly truncated

I’m seeing category names that seem to be overly truncated, e.g. ‘ux’ is being truncated to ‘u…’ which is longer than the original. ‘installation’ is truncated to ‘installat…’ which means there would be plenty of space to display ‘ux’ in full.

This is on Android Edge browser. I’ve not had a chance to try on desktop yet. I’m seeing this truncation on my own installation and also on meta. An example in the drop-down menu from this post…

Edit: As I suspected this doesn’t affect desktop.

Hey Chris,

Is the interface zoomed in? What smartphone (and resolution) are you using?

I don’t have this issue on my Galaxy S23:



I’ve had a little more free time to investigate futher.

I’m using an Oppo Find X3 Pro running Android 13. I see the same effect at either Standard (2412x1080) or High (3216x1440) resolution. The browser window isn’t zoomed (100% web font size). I only see this in MS Edge. Chrome and Firefox both show the full, untruncated category names.

This is starting to sound like - Blue line above banner logo - support - Discourse Meta

That’s also only visible on Edge on the same phone. Edge was updated around the time I started to see the blue line, but I also upgraded my Discourse install to the latest patches at around the same time. Not sure what they might have done to make the browser behave so oddly?