Long category names

We happen to have specially verbose category names which revealed this:

Maybe a max-width on that element? I would say it’s acceptable if the name is cropped since the full name can be seen by opening the dropdown.

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Hello Paulo,

I think it should be truncated by default. Do you use any custom css?

Edit: Yes this is in the css by default. Check your css and add this if missing.

.badge-wrapper .badge-category .category-name {
    text-overflow: ellipsis;
    overflow: hidden;
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We do have some custom CSS, but it’s pretty basic and shouldn’t affect this. Nonetheless, I disabled our custom theme using safe-mode and got the same problem.

After some more tests, I noticed that this only gets triggered depending on the available space. Changing the available viewport width, it works fine:

Or, if tags are enabled in Discourse, it’s also fine:

But, if there’s a wide space for the category field (and if tags are not enabled), then it can overlap the preview.

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I see what you mean and can repro this if delete or overwrite the max-width: 100%; in this line:

#reply-control .category-input .category-chooser {
    display: flex;
    flex: 1 0 auto;
    max-width: 100%;
    width: auto;

Otherwise this truncate the category name with ... at the end.

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I think I fixed this within the past month… have you updated Discourse recently?


My apologies, I should have checked tests-passed for this before reporting. You are right, this seems to be only present on the latest stable version so this can be closed.

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