Category Permissions

Is there a way I can enable more category permissions on discourse? What I would like to do is make a forum section where users can receive anonymous support from staff members. Basically, anyone can create a topic and view the topic they create in that section, but only moderators and/or admins can respond to it. Is there a setting I can enable that does this?


Yep, set up incoming email mailbox support and it works exactly that way. Email in and the email creates a PM that they and staff can see.

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in the category setting there exist such an option, it is slightly different setting though:

you can let users

  • see posts,
  • see or reply to posts,
  • see or reply or create posts.

I mean you can’t let them create it, and then admins reply it.

here it is:


Where can I find information on how to do this?

There is a #howto about it if you search within that category.

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It sounds like you are asking for the feature requested in this thread:

Although it’s not implemented you might find the conversation there provides you with other ideas.