Category (Search Priority Ignore) globally affect searches


I noticed if I change the category setting Search Priority to Ignore it will Ignore globally the category and topics inside it on search inputs even if I want to move posts from a topic to another topic which inside a search ignored category.

  1. Set the category Search Priority to Ignore
  2. Create a topic in the search ignored category
  3. Try to move post to the existing topic what you created in the second point. (The search on the move posts modal will not find the search ignored category topic.)

This is block the move posts feature to the those topics.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I can replicate this:

  • Create category, and set Search Priority to ‘Ignore’
  • Create topic in category
  • Try to move an existing post from a topic in a separate Category to the topic in the ‘Ignore’ category
  • Searching for the topic does not work

(My very imaginative topic name: ‘A topic to find in search’)

  • However, pasting the full link in does bring it up:


IMO the workaround by @JammyDodger here is fine. Adding ignored categories to the search results there could overwhelm the operator, they are ignored for a reason.

Moving to #feature for now.