Category show page: what calls the topic-list component?

Hi All. I’m trying to understand how the view for a category is rendered (ie, the category show page like here). Specifically: what calls the topic-list component?

From what I can tell, the category show page’s main two pieces are:

  1. templates/navigation/category.hbs [this controls the top of the category show page, where there’s stuff like the in-category navigation and the open composer button]
  2. templates/components/topic-list.hbs [this is the template that does the main work of rendering the list of topics for the category]

But: what connects them? What calls the topic-list component and tells it what category to use?

I originally expected to find an overarching category template that would have both the category.hbs and topic-list.hbs items, but I haven’t found it yet. (I thought the templates/discovery.hbs template might get there, but it doesn’t seem to either.)