Category-Specific Moderators, phase 2 RFC

Category Administration Pages

Similar to the Admin Dashboard, but information restricted to a single category.

  • Users:Active, :New, :Suspended and :Blocked pages would only show users with access permission for that category
  • Users:Mods page would only show other moderators for that category

Category Moderator UI

  • Moderator gets a new “Moderator” button in their Profile page header
  • new Category Moderation page at /users/{username}/moderation
  • moderation page shows all moderated categories, listed alphabetically,
    with a summary stats block for each. Each block links to a per-category
    moderation page.
  • new Per-Category Moderation page at
  • design TBD for the per-category moderation page: would be nice to put as
    much info on a single page as possible

Additional Category Moderator privileges

  • view activity log within the category
  • block users from posting within a category
  • receive and act upon notifications for flags (in the category)

It doesn’t exactly match this RFC, but we have made some baby steps towards allowing categories to be moderated. Right now if there are flags / queued posts, a particular group can review them:


We just shipped a lot of improvements to this feature