Category Where Users Can Only See Own Threads?

I’ve used many forum software in the past and all had a feature that Discourse doesn’t seem to have, the ability to create a section where people can ONLY see topics they created (excluding staff members; or configurable as to who can view all topics)

Is this something that is possible to create or that exists and I’m just aware of it? I always used this type of feature to create a sort of “support” category where users can create threads and not have to worry about other users seeing it, only staff.

The work around for now is to create an incoming address for a group. This will create a personal message between the user and the group.

I’m not sure I understand your use case

If the users themselves are the only ones who can see it, how does this create support?

If they want to send a message to staff for support, then they can use the PM functionality and send their request to the Staff group (or whatever support inbox is created on the site).

Can you elaborate on how this would be used?

Dozens of topics on this already; try a search.