Censored word list format for CSV uploads?

How do I make exact lists of censored words? I cannot just do
(Word), (word) please explain this

There are sites that have lists of censored or bad words in CSV or text format that are to be downloaded and uploaded to the Discourse website.
Just search for it through Google, eg Full List of Bad Words and Swear Words Banned by Google | Free Web Headers

Note that the site indicated above is only an example, the first I found by searching on Google, I did not download the list nor checked whether it is a fake or something else. Having to download a file from an external site is always better to proceed with caution and make the necessary checks before


Not my question.
Let me try to explain:
I would prefer to make my own list and I cannot use commas or |s I am wondering how to separate words.

Oh ok, you should write one word per line in a CSV file, eg