Change a new Pending Post to a comment on an existing topic?

Continuing the discussion from Redirect / convert post from Pending Approval to Direct Message?:

Sometimes the “new” topic really belongs as a comment on an existing thread.

Right now all I can do is login as them, and re-post their comment… it would be nice to move the pending message to an existing topic.

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Unless I am misunderstanding, couldn’t you approve the post, unlist it, and move to an existing topic? I understand that is 2 extra steps, but I just want to make sure I am following…

Thanks for asking @jomaxro

Once it’s released, anyone Watching the category will get emails that the Topic was created. I’d rather move it straight to a comment, and then the email would be more accurate, include any related history, etc.

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I’m wishing I could do this… even today.

All I can really do now is copy their request, assume their identity and post the comment on the right topic, then go approve that & deny the first post.

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