Change banner text on top of page

I have changed the text of the banner on the top of the page. This was an English text, I’ve changed it to dutch.
Now I want to change it again, but can find it in /admin/customize/site_texts
I think I found by typing the displayed English text in the search box, but when I type my text (the Dutch one) in the search box, I don’t find it. Since I don’t know what the orignal English text was, I can’t search for that. I also don’t see it when I check the box ‘Only show overridden’

How can I find my text again? Help!! :wink:


That should work, sometimes I’ve found adding a space or back spacing a character seems to jolt it

can’t explain but I’ve had the issue of not finding text and having that work

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Ik managed to find my Dutch text by searching in /admin/logs/staff_action_logs


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