Change error-text for blacklisted email domains

Is there a way to replace this “Primary email is invalid” message?

I couldn’t find it in the list of customisable Text Content and I think it could be a tad more descriptive :slight_smile:

Did you search for “primary email is invalid”?

He’s right there isn’t a direct match in Admin, Text Content – this might be because we’re using that built in Rails validation stuff, so it could be of the form

{fieldname} is invalid


@pfaffman yes I did :slight_smile:

@codinghorror looks like there’s no label containing {fieldname}, but I do see a generic activerecord.errors.messages.invalid = is invalid and a few others like it. I’ve changed all three and it turns out to be the active record one.


It’s a very trivial nuisance, but it would help guide the user a bit :slight_smile: