Unable to customize invalid email domain message

Attempting to customize the text of invalid email domain message. I’ve tried changing every other text block on both the login page and popup, and everything else works. Not sure if this is a bug, or somehow possibly related to a subfolder install (highly doubt it).

The key is user.email.not_allowed

Right, look at screenshot 1 (zoomed in for screenshot 2) above, I changed that key.

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There was something like this with some other text that couldn’t be translated. The problem then was that the I18n.t function was being passed a symbol instead of a string. Maybe that’s what is happening here. Doing a search for user.email.not_allowed shows that it is being passed as a symbol.

# email_validator.rb
    if record.errors[attribute].blank? && value && ScreenedEmail.should_block?(value)
      record.errors.add(attribute, I18n.t(:'user.email.blocked'))

Just pushed a fix to support both string and symbol as key for translations :banana:


@jomaxro would you mind updating to latest and trying again?


Updating now…one moment please!

Thanks @zogstrip, looks good!

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