Missing `emails.incoming.errors` translations

In Admin > Emails > Rejected I have an email with the following error:

translation missing: en.emails.incoming.errors.old_destination_error

While I messed with translations for my site, I think this is not just an issue for me. The server.en.yml on Github seems to indeed lack this translation.


I’m moving this into the bug category, so that it doesn’t get lost.

We should fix this and also, if possible, add a spec or linting rule to ensure that every error in Email::Receiver has a corresponding translation. The note in that file certainly isn’t enough.

Also, we need to check if other translations are missing.


Seeing this from a source of emails that used to work. (A mailing list for the club I run the Discourse instance for.)


translation missing: en_GB.emails.incoming.errors.invalid_post

Any idea what it means? There’s no language translation needed for these posts.