Change in shortcuts focus on posts

so, i use shortcuts like there’s no tomorrow… i’m so allergic to using the mouse, especially on a platform like discourse that offers the ability to travel the forum with ease.

consequently, i have some pretty significant daily (hourly) workflows, one of which has changed recently in one of the latest updates.

here’s what i do:

  • g + u ~~~> show list of unread posts
  • j ~~~> to highlight / select first post, then hit “enter”
  • then… historically, i start reading the post and then liking it and then reading the responses and liking them. i do this by hitting “j” and then “l”
  • i then continue to hit “j” and then “l” as i work my way down the post / responses.

what happens now is that when i hit “j” it skips the first post (or the latest response) and goes to the next one, thus forcing me to hit “k” to move back and then start the workflow again.

if the post doesn’t have any responses, it’ll kick me down to Suggested Topics.

i love the g + u + j + l combination so much, but now it’s a little borked.

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There is a bug report slightly related

I’m not sure if this is related to jQuery change, or the change in how the header DOM height is detected, but somewhere in that timeframe, I felt like this behavior regressed/changed. It is a bit hard to nail down exactly when/how as it really depends on where in the viewport the page loads.


yes, this is one of the issues, thanks for linking that up.

I agree it’s bad UX. Will fix.


This should now be fixed :keyboard:


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