Keyboard short cut for Jump to Next Topic not always obeyed

After one or either of a Jump to Unread or Jump to New keyboard shortcuts I use the Jump to Next topic shortcut. However there are occasions when the g, j sequence does not take me to the next (unread/new) topic but leaves me looking at the list of the relevant topics. When this does not work I must click of the first or only topic listed to get started. For multiple topics g, j then works as expected.

I cannot, as yet, identify a pattern to this buggy behaviour but it occurs on all the Discourse installations that I use including but not limited to here at Meta Discourse.If I can discern a pattern the details will be added.

One possible scenario, which happened here on Discourse Meta (and replicated elsewhere):

  • Give Discoure focus
    (I run all my Discourses in a single browser window and switch between the respective tabs using Crtl-Down)

  • New is highlighted with (in this case) 1 new topic.
    There’s the “See 1 new topic” message

  • g, j
    No change

  • g,n then g,j
    No change!

  • g,u g,n

  • g,j
    Correctly displays the new topic.

Looks like when the tab become current it does not always receive keyboard focus.


macOS 12.5.1 (Monterery with the recent security patch but the problem pre-dates that)
Firefox 103.0.2 with bith uBlock Origin and Ghostery running (and will not ever be turned off)

We need a consistent repro here.

  • Go to “new”
  • gj

Is not reproducing this for me on latest firefox, linux.

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