Change “New Topic” text

I want to change New Topic button text, Create Topic composer button text, and Create a new Topic composer text. I used CSS selectors within a theme. But that has a side effect of changing text when I am replying to someone’s post. Meaning that Reply text also gets changed.
I found a solution of changing text through the Admin console but I want to modify those string from within a string. Is this possible and how to do it?

To change text in Discourse just go to admin → Customise → Text and search for js.topic.create. If you search New Topic all other relevant items will appear which you can edit.

I have this solution already. My problem is I want to do this through theme.

AFAIK you can not. Coding a plugin would work. That’s because strings are in core, more or less.

Well, I can be wrong. It has happend every now and then, like last year (with my wife) :rofl:

Disclaimer: I will be wrong big time if a theme will change/overwrite those files where those strings are.

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The way to do this via theme is to add a script which changes I18n.translations object.

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