Change of date in digest email body

Continuing the discussion from Date in digest emails are not localised:

There is still a date localisation problem in the actual digest message body where at the start of the digest it says "A brief summary of “[%{site_name}] since your last visit on mm-dd-year”.

This date format can be very confusing for our members who are mainly based in the UK.

If it could be localised or alternatively a full textual representation of the month used it would be appreciated.

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That date is currently not translatable in Transifex. I submitted a fix for it some time ago…


I think there were problems with that commit as I recall, which is why it hasn’t been merged.

@techapj can we change the digest default text so it uses a more universal date format? Maybe something like

Since your last visit on August 23rd

where the year is optional if it was in the current calendar yar.

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Well, the date format should take the user’s locale into account, anything else is just a hack.

My PR worked perfectly fine in my dev environment. I haven’t been told about any problems, but if there are some, I’ll try to fix them.


Done via:

Will switch to localized date again once @gerhard’s PR is merged.


I’ve merged in the PR from @gerhard now!


A huge thank you for making this change. It is a great improvement! …on this occasion the like button just didn’t seem enough!


This seems to have reverted back. I’m once again getting digests which are saying: A brief summary of XXXXXX Forum since your last visit on mm-dd-yyyy

Seems like it happened during an update between the 26th of December and the 2nd of January.


Hmm I think you are right, @techapj can you check into this please?


Okay, I made the date (with year) in digest email universal

(and localized, thanks @gerhard!)