Date in digest emails are not localised

The dates are formatted MM-DD-YYYY (e.g. the most recent digest for this instance had subject [Discourse Meta] Digest for 03-21-2015), which isn’t correct everywhere. I guess it may be particularly jarring on a non-English-language instance where there’s little connection to the US and its date format.

One solution would be .

(I personally think this is fairly minor (even as someone from outside the US), but others may find it more annoying.)


My being in the US I am used to seeing mm-dd-yyyy

But because I’m familiar with code, I actually prefer yyyy-mm-dd

Using that format on a dev forum has not caused any misunderstanding that I know of, but that is likely due to it being a dev forum more than it’s being easily recognizable.

In any case, might it be better to have the format come from a translation file (if possible) instead of removing it entirely?

This particular issue is really impossible to solve without introducing a concept of “user locale”, cause dates should always look diff in the US vs Australia and Rust forums may have users in both spots.

Its kind of edge casey but I sort of support removing the postfix from that email.

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To be clear, this isn’t particularly related to the Rust instances, just something I noticed incidentally (we haven’t had users complain or anything). :slight_smile:

I know we’ve been against user locales up until this point, but allowing a user to choose their Time Zone and date format is a very reasonable request that I think should be done.


… don’t we already have user locale?

Right but that’s only if user locales are enabled, which they aren’t by default. The party line is “don’t let your users change that, a forum is meant to be in one language”

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One would hope that defaults would follow some kind of international standard, such as …



Further more we don’t allow users to specify “EN-US” or “EN-Canada” and so on if that setting is on.

@codinghorror let’s remove the postfix here, in Australia 2/6/2015 is the second of June, the dates here look ultra odd to me.

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Probably fine to just make it yyyy-dd-mm for now, I think some form of the date has to be in the title otherwise all the mails group as

[forum] digest for last week

since they’d have the same title. That is the other alternative…

I hope you meant yyyy-mm-dd, putting the days in the middle makes even less sense.


Yeah, whatever the correct format is.

Another option is the much friendlier:

[My Community] Digest for June 12th

Twitter goes for:

“Sam Saffron, check out your week on Twitter”

2015-03-25 feels very very computery to me.


That also seems fine – your choice, make it so!


Skirting the off-topic line … just a reminder that the word “digest” does not accurately describe what’s sent, especially for people coming from mailing lists who are used to list digests (which include all messages not just highlights). :slight_smile:

Google says


  1. a compilation or summary of material or information.
    “a digest of their findings”

Seems correct to me.

The LISTSERV manual says

Digest – You receive a large message containing many individual posts bundled together into one, at regular intervals, usually once a day. Some very active lists will produce several digests a day. Receiving the digested version of a large active list will limit the number of messages you get during the day.

Seems what mailing list users will expect to me.

This is one of those cases where I think the existence of the question implies deeper problems.

Omit Needless Words, right? So I am changing it to:

subject_template: "[%{site_name}] Digest"

Simpler, and no more date localization problem…


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