Date format for summary emails is incorrect in Portuguese

Here is an example of how I receive an email from my Portuguese translated Discourse website:

The date format is <month> <day>, yet in Portugal we would use <day> <month>. In the admin menu I’ve searched for every date format I can find and switched them all to <day> <month> and the email doesn’t change.

In the body of the email, more specifically in the list of popular posts, another occurence of this can be seen:

The date (bottom right corner) is again in <month> <day> format.

Are there other date format settings specifically for email templates which I am not aware of?

Thank you.

You can take a look in the translations, change and review them here:

Just find the ones related to dates and correct them. :wink:

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I have been making translations on my own Discourse (overriding the string value in the admin menu), checking if they appear correctly and then I submit changes on Transifex. I can tell you I have already submited a few :slight_smile:

Are there strings to be translated in the Transifex project that cannot be overwritten in the admin menu?

Yes. Basically everything. The admin panel itself and all settings are not translatable. Only on Transifex.

That is false. The admin panel text customization uses our translation system to work. They work on the same corpus of strings.

Of course, putting those in Transifex benefits everyone of use Portuguese speakers, so it’s better for the project.

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Yeah, but you can’t translate site settings directly in your Discourse instance. It has to be through Transifex, right?

What do you mean by translating a site setting?

The setting key is immutable, and can’t be translated. Allowing that is akin to the disaster of translated function names in MS Excel.

I’m talking about translating the actual text “A valid group name to be invited to all automated messages.” from the site setting “site contact group name”, for example. As far as I know, you can only translate that in Transifex, right?

Every string available on Transifex is also available in Admin -> Customize Text. For example, the site setting you mentioned can be found by searching for site_contact_group_name.

Of course it’s always better to translate on Transifex. That way everyone benefits from your work.


That’s exactly what I was unsure about. Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile: